We provide the best possible service to our customers- – from observing leopards, elephants and bird life to enjoying the panoramic views and diverse habitats of the National Parks.

Our Services

We conduct jeep safari drives into Yala and Bundala National Parks. The recommended times to see wildlife are in the early morning and late afternoon. The safari tour will generally start at Tissamaharama or Kirinda. However arrangements can be made for hotel pick-ups if you are booked into hotels in the Tissamaharama, Yala, Kataragama, or Kirinda areas.

Our services include:

  • Jeep safaris using well maintained 4X4 vehicles.

Land Rover -Series 3 vehicles for those who like the rustic “old school” experience or the modern TATA 207 and Toyota vehicles for for a more luxurious drive can be provided.

  • Observing Wildlife – our specialties:
    • Knowledge of the best locations for bird watching.
    • Excellent support for Wildlife photographers (Best locations, etc)

Our excellent knowledge of wildlife behavior and respect for the fauna and flora of the National Park, guarantees our guests a pleasurable experience in enjoying the pristine jungles of Yala where time has stood still for millennia.

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